sunex optics lens

sunex optics lens

Custom optics: If an off-the-shelf solution can't meet your critical needs we can work with you to create a customized solution optimized for your application. Discover SUNEX custom solutions.

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SUNEX Optics Lens Custom Solutions

Vendredi 14 décembre 2012

If an off-the-shelf solution can't meet your critical needs SUNEX can work with you to create a customized solution optimized for your application. SUNEX has an extensive library of designs that we can fine-tune to meet your unique requirements in terms of performance, size, cost, schedule, etc. SUNEX employ state-of-the-art computer aided design tools. SUNEX has a long list of optical design success in applications such as:

• Miniature fisheye lens (up to 200° FOV).
• Athermalized lenses (focus stable from -40C° to +85C°).
• Fisheye lens with tailored distortion to enhance edge resolution
• Panoramic dewarping software
• 100° HDTV lens with low distortion
• 360° panoramic optics with multiple lenses
• Automotive rear-view camera and license plate reading lenses
• 22x zoom lens for security cameras
• Barcode and passport reader lenses
• Endoscope lenses with 140° field of view
• Low profile lens for mobile imaging applications
• Compact video-conferencing lenses

We will work with you and SUNEX to explore all leading edge optical technologies to create designs to meet or exceed your performance or/and cost expectations. The unique SUNEX background in optical manufacturing ensures that the selected design has excellent manufacturability and can be produced within your target price in SUNEX facility in China. SUNEX is established professionals with many years of experience in the US and Chinese optics industries. OPTICS CONCEPT and SUNEX can bridge the "gap" between the East and the West. Over the years, we have supplied customers worldwide with quality optics that have resulted in drastic savings for them.

Please contact OPTICS CONCEPT support team for details or for more information.

31/12/2018 + Fabricant de composants optiques des solutions sur-mesure
Optics Concept, agence commerciale française propose des sokutions optiques : lentilles sphériques, cylindriques, asphériques, prismes optiques,...
29/12/2018 + Supports et câbles pour lentilles liquides Varioptic
De petites dimensions, les lentilles liquides Varioptic nécessitent des supports spécifiques permettant le maintien et l'alimentation, des câbles...
21/12/2018 + Catalogue des prismes optiques distributeur Optics Concept
Pour vos prismes optiques, Optics Concept vous propose le catalogue des prismes WZW 2007 de la société suisse WZW OPTIC AG qui les réalise à l'aide...
17/12/2018 + Objectifs monture C pour optiques haute résolution
Optics Concept spécialiste des composants optiques pour les professionnels, a sélectionné, auprès de ses partenaires, des objectifs monture C pour...
17/12/2018 + Superfisheye Sunex
DSLR01, l'objectif superfisheye conçu pour obtenir une image avec un champ de 185° sur les capteurs APS-C et DX.
18/12/2012 - SUNEX Lenses for Mobile Imaging
Consumer imaging: SUNEX Lenses are designed to achieve the small size and light weight required for compact mobile imaging applications. Discover...
14/12/2012 - SUNEX Optics Lens Custom Solutions
Custom optics: If an off-the-shelf solution can't meet your critical needs we can work with you to create a customized solution optimized for your...
10/12/2012 - SUNEX Fisheye Lenses - Super Fisheye Lenses
Fisheye lens: SUNEX have a large range of super wide-angle (FOV: 120° - 170°), fisheye (FOV: 170° - 180°) and super fisheye (FOV >180°) lenses.
06/12/2012 - SUNEX Lenses for Medical Imaging
SUNEX offer optical solutions on a custom basis for medical imaging. SUNEX provide a complete solution from design to prototyping to manufacturing in...
02/12/2012 - SUNEX Lenses for Biometric Applications
Biometric recognition: Sunex Biometric lenses are the culmination of many years of experience in finite imaging lens design and manufacture.
29/11/2012 - SUNEX Lenses for Industrial Imaging
SUNEX low-profile compact lenses are designed to provide high image quality with low distortion when the object distance is greater than about 10...
25/11/2012 - SUNEX Video Conferencing Applications
Typical video-conferencing cameras require lenses with high image quality and large field of view (45° to 70°) with very low distortion. For high...
21/11/2012 - Tailored Distortion™, SUNEX Fisheye Lens
ike a traditional fisheye lens, Tailored Distortion™ is ideal for security applications where an ultra-wide field of view is required. Tailored...
17/11/2012 - SUNEX Access Control Lenses Optics
Access Control lenses have many of the same requirements as Surveillance lenses or Biometric lenses, depending on the type of solution the lens is...
13/11/2012 - SUNEX Surveillance Lenses Optics
SUNEX Surveillance Lenses are designed to meet the unique requirements of Surveillance applications. Plastic lens for high-volume production,...
10/11/2012 - Sunex Day/Night, high-resolution Lens for Surveillance
Day/Night is a popular term for lenses and other products which are optimized for operation in both daylight and low-light conditions using an...
06/11/2012 - Sunex Lenses for Security & Surveillance
Whether you need a Day/Night, high-resolution lens for Surveillance, a low-light, ultra-compact lens for Access Control or a high-resolution, finite...
03/11/2012 - SUNEX Automotive Lenses - Emerging Applications
Emerging automotive vision encompasses those applications that will be vision based cameras but are still under development or test. These...
30/10/2012 - SUNEX Automotive Lenses - Surround View Camera
The surround view automotive camera system is a rapidly developing application. Using the rear view camera as a starting point, multiple-camera...
28/10/2012 - SUNEX Automotive Lenses - Forward Facing Camera
The forward facing automotive camera is a rapidly developing application. The first systems were relegated to simple functions such as intelligent...
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