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Mercredi 24 octobre 2012

SUNEX is a world leading provider of lenses for automotive OEM and commercial vehicle applications. As a qualified Tier 2 supplier they have significant experience bringing leading edge products to market. They are a pioneer in advanced optical technology such as miniature fisheye and SuperFisheye lenses, up to 187° field of view; as well as Tailored Distortion® lenses that reduce optical distortion. For more than five years, Sunex has focused on developing long-term partnerships and has built a reputation as a trustworthy Tier 2 supplier. Today, Sunex automotive lenses can be found in major brands around the world.

Designing and manufacturing lenses for automotive vision applications presents significant challenges in all phases of the product life-cycle, from concept to design, manufacturing, and end-of-life. Sunex has developed proprietary material and process know-how to meet those demands. As a Tier 1 customer of SUNEX you can expect to work directly with a US-based Sales Manager and engineers that have a in-depth understanding of the technical and commercial expectations. SUNEX US-based team is supported by a team of engineers, quality assurance, project management and logistics personnel based at SUNEX OPTICS-Electronics Shanghai.

SUNEX China is ISO 9001:2008 and ISO/TS 16949:2009 certified. SUNEX team is experienced with the necessary PPAP documentation, project launch and capacity planning. Validation testing can be performed both in-house and with several qualified outside labs. SUNEX has developed proprietary test capabilities to ensure that all control points are met during series production. They can support IMDS and end-of-life requirements. SUNEX is fully invested in the automotive market and intends to be a long-term Tier 2 supplier.

Automotive lenses by application:

- Rear view. - Forward facing.
- Surround view.
- Emerging applications.

Please contact OPTICS CONCEPT support team for details for more information.

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