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SUNEX Lenses for Industrial Imaging

Jeudi 29 novembre 2012

SUNEX low-profile compact lenses are designed to provide high image quality with low distortion when the object distance is greater than about 10 times the focal length, or for on-axis imaging. They are applicable for finite object imaging applications such as face/object recognition, barcode readers, document imaging, machine vision, and biometric security.

Many of SUNEX standard wide-angle and fisheye lenses are suitable for robotics vision applications. For 3D applications we offer Boresight Stabilization – a proprietary technology eliminating lateral shift (Boresight) of the lens elements due to shock or vibration. This is especially critical in 3D imaging, where a shift of just a few pixels is often unacceptable.

SUNEX wide-angle and fisheye lenses are becoming increasingly popular in a variety of inspection application, such as boroscopes or pipe inspection. Several factors make Sunex lenses ideal for this type of application. The low profile and small physical sizes of our lenses, combined with small sensor formats for which the lenses were designed, allow for very compact camera packaging. Moreover, our ability to customize provides you with a variety options to meet your unique requirements.

Please contact OPTICS CONCEPT support team for details for more information.

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